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Travel Channel – Branded Content- How drinks are made.

I think we can all agree a month waking up with a clear head is the ultimate benefit of a Dry January – but now that we’re heading into February, it’s time to reunite you with your favourite tipple.

We had the pleasure in producing 4 x 3-minute mini-docs for The Travel Channel to coincide with one of their shows. So, in the spirit of Booze Traveller’s Jack Maxwell’s adventures, we went behind the scenes to see how some of our best-loved alcoholic drinks are made.

Chase Vodka

Most of us are aware that wine is made from grapes but did you know vodka is made from potatoes? We didn’t either! We visited Chase Distillery in Hertfordshire to film this humble root vegetable being turned into the award-winning Chase Vodka.

Sharpham wine

Sharpham vineyards shows us the long and time-honoured craft of wine-making and we were there to film it every step of the way.

Salcombe Gin

There is more to Salcombe than just crabs! We visited the award-winning South Devon distillery to film their carefully crafted recipe of botanicals lovingly added to a magnificent gleaming 450L copper pot.

Hunter’s beer

This family-run independent microbrewery opened their doors so we could see the exact science behind their beer-making,  But, it is more than science, it is an attitude and passion that inspires them to produce a range of quality beers.

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Client: Scripps International

▪ Director: Danny Cooke
▪ Executive Producer: Caroline Yearsley – OCP
▪ Post Production: Ed Moorhouse – OCP

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